What should you do if your sim card does not work in your phone but does in another?

What should you do if your sim card does not work in your phone but does in another?

Many people have reported that their sim card does not work in their phone but works perfectly in other phones.

A sim card not working in a phone can be caused by many things. Here,  I will be showing you the major reason for this issue and possible solutions to follow in order to resolve it.

Please do well by reading every part of this content, as all the information provided here will be very helpful to anyone whose SIM stopped working.

Why does my sim card not work in my phone but does in others?

When a SIM card is not working properly, there can be many reasons for the issue.

In this case, if the SIM card works in other phones but not in yours, the issue is most likely with the phone itself.

Let’s take a look at why your Sim might stop working on your phone but still work on other phones.

What should you do if a SIM card does not work in your phone but does in others?

Let’s look at the possible reasons for this issue and the best approach to resolving it.

  • Check that the SIM card is properly inserted into the phone:

The first step is to ensure that the SIM card is properly inserted into the phone.

Make sure the golden parts of the SIM are touching the appropriate parts in the phone. If you have inserted the SIM properly as it should and it is still not working in your phone, maybe because it has not been detected, you can follow the other procedures below.

  • Examine the SIM card tray for any flaws:

Clean the sim card tray; remove all dirt from the tray; also, make sure the tray is still in good condition; check for any damage, such as a broken part, on the sim tray.

To ensure that the sim card tray is in good working order, insert other sim cards into the phone’s sim tray and see if the other Sims are detected.

  • Enable the SIM card in your phone:

Check that your phone’s sim card is enabled.

To enable a sim, open your mobile phone’s settings app, click on “network connection,” then “Sim card and mobile network,” and then “enable the sim card that is having issues.

If a SIM is disabled on a phone, you will not be able to use the SIM until you toggle the enable option.

If the SIM is already enabled but still does not work in the phone, see the list of other solutions below.

  • Reset the APN to its default value:

Making a change in your access point name will affect how the SIM card works.

If you don’t know much about editing APNs, reset the access point name to the one provided for you by the sim provider.

Setting an APN that doesn’t correspond with the SIM will result in the SIM card malfunctioning.

  • Turn off airplane mode:

Of course, everyone knows that if your phone is in airplane mode, your SIM card will not work.

If you check your airplane mode and it is on, turn it off, and your SIM will work again.

  • Upgrade your sim to meet up with the phone’s network capacity.

If a phone requires a SIM card of fourth generation (4G) or fifth generation (5G) specification, using a low-quality sim on the phone, such as a second or third generation (2G or 3G) network sim, will result in the sim and phone malfunctioning.

In this case, the sim card will appear to be active in the phone, but it will not perform many functions such as sending messages, making phone calls, or browsing the internet.

Upgrade your sim to meet up with the phone. If this is your case, once the sim is upgraded, you can use it on the phone without any problem. You can also downgrade the sim if it is higher than the phone.

  • Contact your SIM provider for special assistance:

If you have done all the things listed above and still the SIM card is not working, reach out to your SIM provider for special assistance on the best steps to take next.

You can contact them via their customer service line, or you can also visit a physical office, where they can look into the issue and help you resolve it.

The SIM provider will probably find out what the issue is. If you need fast and reliable assistance from your SIM provider, visit their branch office.

These are the steps to take if your SIM card is not working in your phone but is working in others.

You can drop a comment below for special assistance if you have any questions concerning this issue.

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