SMSTOWINTV.COM ETV CONTACT NUMBER. ( Contact here ) etv contact number.

CONTACT SMStoWIN competition organizer for any issue regarding this Competition.

if you’re interested in participating in this competition, below are the customer service line you need to reach out to.

smstowin competition is a legit south Africa sms competition that gives you an opportunity to win money by just completing a simple task.

please endeavor to read this till the end as all the information provided here will be very helpful to anyone who want to participate in This smstowin competition.

check below to see how to contact smstowin for questions and complains regarding the ETV show. etv contact number.

if you have to complain anything or if you have a question concerning this SMStoWIN competition, please reach out to this contact details below for special assistance.

please email to or 

call this customer service agent line “0100545732” for any issue concerning SMS to win ETV competition.

please read below to see how to effectively make use of this customer service line.

you may not participate or compete in the game by contacting any of these customers service agent lines, this customer service email and phone number is to help in assisting participate in any thing they are finding difficult in the game.

to participate in the game, there’s a number you need to send SMS to which is 39975.

To participate in the show you need to SMS W to 39975 or fill the entry form on this website.

in case you’re unable to connect with the customer service agent using their call line, please send an email instead.

thousand of participants may be trying to get in call with the number, you can send an email to and get your issue resolved

The customer service phone number is 0100545732. this number is available during the shows and during working hours Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm.

as you already know, you are not to participate in this competition via the phone number or email rather,

To participate in the show, participants need to SMS W to 39975 or fill the entry form on this website.

as we already explained to you, the customer service is very busy during the shows, so we advice to ask your questions by sending it in an email to, thank you

to participate in the competition, fill out the entry form and get started.

SMS to win etv call number.

to participate in this competition, you need to SMS w to 39975.

if you want to complain any issue or you have any question regarding this Competition, reach out to smstowin via the contact line below.


all participants are expected to complete the online registration procedure before sending an SMS to 39975.

if you’re yet to register online, follow the procedure below to register.

SMSTOWIN COMPETITION online registration.

to participate in This competition, fill out the entry form below.

if you have seen the requirements and qualifications and you are qualified for participating, please fill out the required details in this entry form below to get started.

check the entry form below.


once you have completed the online registration, SMS w to 39975 and wait for a phone call.

smstowin competition organizer will pick participants randomly as thousands of people are participating in the game every night.

as we already explained to you, smstowin does not make all of all the telecommunication companies in South Africa, only three Telecom service line are approved in the Competition.

check below to see the three approved Telecom service line before playing.


as of now, you can only make use of these three CONTACT details in smstowin competition.

  • to participate in the game, SMS w to 39975.
  • to call SMStoWIN customer service agent, call via this phone number 0100545732
  • to send an email, reach out to smstowin via email at

these are the only available contact details so far.

there’s no available WhatsApp number, you can only call through 0100545732.

we advice you to make use of the email address provided for you as the customer service number is always busy, especially during the show times.


if you’re a winner or know anyone that have won in this competition, please reach out to smstowin to collect your price.

please check below to see how to contact smstowin to win when you win in the Competition.


there is been thousands of winners at the end of every game, you can check the list of our previous winners to know whether you’re among the winners in the list or whether you know anyone on the list.

check our previous winners via the link below.


for any question or complain concerning this Competition, please drop your questions in the comments section Below for further assistance, thank you for participating

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