sms to win competition 2022/2023.- join now

sms to win competition 2022/2023

there’s an ongoing SMStoWIN competition on ETV which gives every participants an opportunity to win money.

you can participate in the game during the show time and stand a chance to win.

please endeavor to read this content till the end as all the information provided here will be very helpful to anyone who want to participate in this SMStoWIN ETV competition.

through this blog post, you will get to know how to participate in the competition, how to play and win and also how to reach out to smstowin competition organizer for any question concerning the competition.

let’s get started with the entry form.

SMSTOWIN COMPETITION online registration form.

before participating in this competition, you need to firstly, fill out the required details in the entry form.

check below to see the online registration form.


let’s now look at the requirements and qualifications for participating in this competition as the show is not for everyone.

before we begin, NOTE: sms to win competition is a free competition, this means, no purchase or payment is required before you can be eligible for participating in the show.

by following the required procedure, you can win huge amount of money when you participate.

sms to win competition 2022.

the Competition is available for south Africans or for south Africans only.

please check below to see the requirements and qualifications for participating in the competition.

Requirements & qualifications.

  • you must be a South African or a South Africa resident
  • available for adults of eighteen years old and above

if you meet up with this two qualifications, let’s get started.

you can also check below for a complete details about the Terms and conditions and also the requirements for participating in this competition


sms to win competition How to play.

if you have completed the online registration, let’s now look at how to play in, how to participate in the competition

to participate in the game, turn on your TV during the show time and check the task for the day.

you will be giving a picture to spot a different, if you notice the answer or a picture that are not the same with others, it’s now the time to play.

send an SMS w to 39975, if you’re among the lucky participants that smstowin picked and call, provide the answer for the task and win your money.

not everyone that sends SMS to 39975 will receive a call from SMStoWIN and not everyone that receives a call from SMStoWIN will win in the competition.

this is a game of luck and the luckiest people wins.

the SMS you send, the higher your chances of getting a call from SMStoWIN.

sms to win competition previous winners.

at the end of every Competition, winners will get their money delivered to them by SMStoWIN.

if you’re a winner or you want to check the list of our previous winners, you can check the list below to see the recent winners that are yet to receive their prices.

check below for the list..


how to contact smstowin.

if you have any question, complain or complement regarding this SMStoWIN competition, you can reach out to smstowin via email at

you can also contact smstowin via the phone number below.


if you have any question concerning this Competition, please drop your questions or complain in the comments section for further assistance.


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