SMS to win 39975 register – REGISTER HERE

SMS to win 39975 register.

there is an ongoing SMS competition on ETV this year, you can register to participate in the competition and win a massive gift if you are qualified.

to get started with the SMS to win 39975 game, below, I will the showing you the requirements needed, how to play or participate in the competition and also some other important information you might need regarding this competition.

you will also get see the contact details you need to reach out to for any issue concerning this competition, please endeavour to read this till the end as all the information provided here will be helpful to any person who wish to participate in this our SMS to win39975 competition

SMS to win 39975 ETV register.

register below to get started with the competition, please check the requirements and registration procedure below.

before you can be eligible to participate in this competition, there are some certain qualifications you need to have, check the basic requirements below.

requirements for participating in SMS to win 39975 ETV competition. 

  • you must be a south African or a south Africa resident before you can be eligible for participating.

this is to make it easy for the organisers in performing some special actions like distribution of wined price and also in reaching out to their participants in time of need

  •  you must be exactly or above 18 years of age, this is to make sure we comply with terms and condition for participating in such competition.
  • you must sign up first before you can be able to participate.

there is no sign up or registration fee, you will get to see the sign up link below in order to get started.

before you can be eligible to participate, you need to first create a participant account

  • you need to provide your contact details.

a phone number or an email address is needed, that is where we can reach out to you if you win in the competition.

as you have seen the requirements, lets now begin with the registration procedure below.

SMS to win 39975registration form.

check the registration form below, fill out the form and get started with your game.

always beer in mind that this registration is free, do not make any kind of payment in the registration dashboard.

the only place you are to spend in this competition is when playing the game, that is SMS charge.

click on the registration form below to get started


on the registration dashboard, provide the needed information, please, remember not to make any payment in the registration dashboard

NOTE; before you participate in the competition, make sure you have signed up as a competitor to avoid wasting your precious airtime.

as you have seen the registration requirements and registration form, lets now look see how to participate in the competition.

the game is really fun, amazing and profitable if you know how to play.

SMS to win 39975 contact details and WhatsApp number.

if you have any complain, complement or question for smstowin competition organizer, you can reach out to the either through WhatsApp, fax, email or through their customer care line

Check the contact details below.

Smstowin contact details .

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    • I have answers l have tried to connect to u guys have already spent 30r but still i can’t enter pls help me to enter

  1. I have answers l have tried to connect to u guys have already spent 30r but still i can’t enter pls help me to enter

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