sms to win 39975 phone number [CONTACT HERE]

sms to win 39975 phone number.

if you’re among those who are interested in participating in this our current show, or you are already a participant who need some special assistance on the game, below are the contacts address you need to reach out to in order get your issue resolved.

sms to win 39975 phone number

there’s a phone number you need to call for special assistance concerning SMS to win show, below are the phone number and email address.

phone number: 0100545732.

you need to contact this phone number above for special assistance on issue related to the show.

please do not send your answer to that phone number, you can only send is as an SMS to 39975, this phone number is only for customer service purpose.

if your case is not of high priority, you are advised to send an email instead as this phone number is always too busy during the show time.

email address :

if you have any question concerning this show or you need a special assistance, you can send an email to for special assistance.

it is more advisable to send your questions or your issues through this email address as you will get to receive a faster response on the email than the customer service number.

if your want to know more about SMS to win or how to go about registration, you can check the registration form below to start with your registration

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