is sms to win on legit

is sms to win on legit – smstowin review.

there is a competition that’s currently going on in ETV every Monday to Friday.

some people who have participated in the game are saying that it is legit why others are saying that it’s not legit.

on this blog post, I will be providing you with all the necessary information that proves that this competition is legit or not.

please endeavor to read this till the end as all the information provided here will be very helpful to anyone who want to know more about smstowin competition review.

is sms to win on legit?

this have been the question many people normally asks before they can participate in the game, check below for your answer.

sms to win competition on is legit, check below to see the proofs you may need.

this SMS to win competition in ETV was first launched on February this year but they are broken history already.

below are some of the reasons why we concluded that this SMS to win competition that’s showing on ETV is legit.

there’s always a winner at the end of every game.
as we have observed the game, they will not change the answer or manipulate any thing at the end of the game.

winners gets their prices delivered to them safely every week.
about thousand of participants who have won in the competition normally get their winning prices delivered to them safely.

in all part of South Africa, SMS to win competition organizer normally send their winners the prices they won within 24hrs to 5 days.

there have been numerous winners in the competition and non of them ever complained of not getting their prices.

the competition is a free competition.
SMS to win competition is a free competition, you can participate in the game by just signing up online and providing the required details.

there is no sign up fee needed, the only time you have to spend money in competition is when you’re sending your answer through SMS ( SMS charges ), apart from that, no other payment is required.

they don’t request for transport fee or any fee before they can send your winning prize to you.
the main characteristics of a fake or non legit SMS competitions their price delivery fee, they will ask you to send money before they can forward what you won to you but once you send the money, you will never get in contact with them again.

SMS to win competition that’s on ETV is not like that.

winners are publicly announced so that they can reach out to the competition organizer for their winning prize.
these are just a few among the proofs, sms to win competition is legit, you can participate and win a huge price by just sending an SMS to 39975.

many users complained that the show is not legit but truth be told, everyone is not going to win in the competition. registration form.

before you can participate in this competition, you need to First register.

playing the game without creating a participant profile is like wasting your money.

to get started with the online application, check the sign up link below.


there are some Requirements needed before you can be eligible for participating in this competition, make sure you meet up with them.

the major requirements is that you must be a South African with a valid SA ID.

to know more about the requirements for participating in the competition, check it below

READ HERE: SMS to win competition Requirements and qualifications.

if you meet up with the requirements and qualifications, you can apply through the registration link provided above.

SMS to win ETV competition winners.

as I have told you earlier, thousands of participants have won a price in this competition,

check below for our latest winners and their winning prices


if you have any question concerning this SMS to win competition you can ask using the comment section Below

Sms to win contact details.

phone number is 0100545732. Available during the shows and during working hours Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm

For questions about the show, please email to

Please note you may NOT participate or enter into the show via the customer care email. Please do NOT send the solution to the customer care email address. To participate in the show you need to SMS W to 39975 or fill the entry form on this website.

The customer service phone number is 0100545732. Available during the shows and during working hours Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm.

Please note you may NOT participate or enter into the show via the customer phone number. Please do NOT call with the solution to the customer care number. To participate in the show you need to SMS W to 39975 or fill the entry form on this website.

Please note that the customer service is very busy during the shows, so we advice to ask your questions by sending it in an email to


If you are a winner and we have not been able to contact you to confirm your name, address and bank account details to transfer you the amount you have won, please email your name, address, the telephone number you called the show from and the date you won to For faster processing please write to the subject: “I AM A WINNER”.

Date of Winning Firstname City Amount won
2022-10-08 Nomthandazo East London R 5000
2022-10-08 Siphesihle Pietermaritzburg R 2000
2022-10-08 Mbuso Mbombela R 500
2022-10-08 Taswell Cape Town R 1000
2022-10-08 Anna Rustenburg R 500
2022-10-08 Sibusiso Soshanguwe R 500
2022-10-08 Under checking Under checking R 500
2022-10-07 Willem Vredeford R 5000
2022-10-07 Navashenne Durban R 10000
2022-10-07 Thobekile Johannesburg R 400
2022-10-07 Moeletji Centurion R 300
2022-10-07 Ntomboxolo Saldanha R 200
2022-10-01 Nomaxhosa Cape Town R 10000
2022-10-01 Mbuso Mbombela R 500
2022-10-01 Under checking Under checking R 500
2022-09-30 Karabo Pretoria R 10000
2022-09-30 Siphokuhle East London R 600
2022-09-30 Virginia Johannesburg R 600
2022-09-30 Surprise Pretoria R 500
2022-09-24 Malibongwe Cape Town R 5000
2022-09-24 Siyanda Durban R 300
2022-09-24 Bontle Pretoria R 300
2022-09-24 Jabulisile Precious Durban R 300
2022-09-24 Zusiphe Cape Town R 12000
2022-09-24 Kamohelo Krugersdorp R 500
2022-09-24 Zile Klerksdorp R 400
2022-09-24 Xoliswa Audrey Krugersdorp R 300
2022-09-24 Eston Durban R 300
2022-09-24 Nicolene Fochville R 300
2022-09-24 Naison Cape Town R 300
2022-09-24 Brightness Durban R 300
2022-09-24 Ludwick Burgersfort R 300
2022-09-23 Mandisa Cape Town R 5000
2022-09-23 Lihle Secunda R 300
2022-09-23 Malibongwe Cape Town R 11000
2022-09-23 Karabo Pretoria R 400
2022-09-23 Fezeka Rustenburg R 400
2022-09-23 Under checking Under checking R 400
2022-09-23 Sevennah Cape Town R 300
2022-09-23 Tsiu Durban R 300
2022-09-23 Zama Doris Durban R 300
2022-09-18 Willlem Vredeford R 500
2022-09-17 Geraldine Polokwane R 500
2022-09-17 Anna Rustenburg R 500
2022-09-17 Prishani Tongaat R 200
2022-09-17 Masala Louis Trichardt R 20000
2022-09-17 Mbuso Mbombela R 500
2022-09-17 Nthabiseng Johannesburg R 400
2022-09-17 John Johannesburg R 200
2022-09-16 Siyabonga East London R 10000
2022-09-16 Kulase Qwa Qwa R 1000
2022-09-16 Donovan Durban R 20000
2022-09-16 Masothole Newcastle R 500
2022-09-16 Sevennah Cape Town R 500
2022-09-16 Malibongwe Cape Town R 500
2022-09-16 Luyanda Durban R 500
2022-09-16 Mpepo Ishmael Under checking R 500

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